Chi Kinjo is the daughter of an influential man. She grew up in a traditional Japanese family who placed loyalty to their tribe above all else. There was a place for women in the hierarchy. They were loved & kept away from risks, they were expected to housekeep, home-make, & not ask questions. Chi always kept her place well, understanding that behind all the men who fought, must be the women who stayed their hand when it mattered most. She grew up believing in her role as the “first daughter”, commanding allegiance by way of birth right but always having to maintain that birth right by displaying obedience to her father. When she turned 18, she was betrothed to Riku, her childhood friend & son of her father’s ally, an engagement she accepted as her destiny. She took her seat among the women who led the house, established a small restaurant with a basement bar, & went about her life as normally as she could manage, awaiting the next instruction.




One evening as Chi was bringing down the black shutters of her restaurant, a man stumbled towards her. He held out a coin that she immediately recognised as a token her father gave out in exchange for favours. It was a credit note of sorts; her father owed this man a debt. Out of obligation, she beckoned to him, guided him down into the basement bar, poured him a whisky highball, & waited. He exposed his wound, gestured that he was in danger. He was known as Dai Lo. Back in Hong Kong, he was a very powerful man fallen on hard times. On that fateful night, she never thought she would fall in love with him, or him with her. In time, as he hid in her basement bar chatting over highballs & sake, they inevitably did. But despite passionate nights that stretched into affectionate years, she refused to return to Hong Kong with him. Her place was with her family & with Riku. She would honour that, even if she did enjoy being his lover.




After Dai Lo left for Hong Kong, Chi married Riku, strengthening the influence of both families over Japan. For 2 years the businesses flourished for there was no other family who could rival this alliance. Then as all good things must come to an end, Riku perished in an unnecessary show of power, slashed across the heart to leave her widowed. At that time, things started to sour between her father & her in laws, causing businesses to collapse & relations to fail. She knew she had to step into Riku’s shoes to reignite the fragile collaboration. She had to save the thousands of lives sworn to her families. But how? Against her better judgment, she flew to Hong Kong. Dai Lo had by now regained his stature with help from Mona, his Sum Yi Tai (or Third Wife) & was the best person to unite her 2 families. She asked, he helped, almost too readily. Chi saw it in Mona’s eyes, woman to woman, there was a silent hatred where Mona stood. But Chi ignored it, she needed his money, his power, his ability to consolidate everything in Japan under her domain. She needed to lead. And so with Dai Lo’s help, rising from the ashes of a broken alliance, Chi took the reins as the new, unprecedented female leader of the most influential faction in Japan.